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Weed Control and Fertilizer Services

State License No. C5340
Our regular turf program consists of six treatments applied throughout the year –

Application 1: Early Spring - Weed Control (Pre Emergent and Contact)
Application 2: Mid Spring – High Nitrogen Fertilizer
Application 3: Late Spring – Weed control (Pre Emergent and Contact)
Application 4: Early Summer – Balanced Fertilizer
Application 5: Late Summer – Extended Release Fertilizer
Application 6: Fall – Weed Control (Winter Pre Emergent and Contact)

We can customize this schedule to meet the needs of your lawn! If you prefer to fertilize your own lawn, we offer a “weed control only” program, but free spot spraying between applications is limited to broadleaf weeds only. If we spray and fertilize your lawn, we will spot spray all weeds for free. The only exception is Nutsedge – this weed is extremely difficult to control, and will take at least one full season to control.

Please note that you should begin to see improvement in your lawn in 1 or 2 treatments, but if you are a new client starting service with us, it may take a full season of treatment to achieve optimum turf thickness and absence of weeds. Also, please understand that the health of your lawn depends on a partnership between you and us. We at Edmond Landscapes do our part by using the highest quality chemicals and fertilizers in our applications. However, for you to obtain the results we both want, we need you to do your part by regularly mowing and watering your lawn. These two practices are crucial to the health and vigor of your lawn.

Together we can make your lawn beautiful!


For more information, please give us a call at (405) 348-7360 or email us at Providing us with the property address will also help us more promptly give you a bid!