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Our mission is to improve the appearance and value of your property by helping you achieve your long-term landscape goals.  We work to expand your exterior living space, create inviting and refreshing nooks and beautiful points of interest, illuminate the landscape to extend the hours of enjoyment, as well as take care of your practical needs of maintenance and prevention.  We provide the personal attention and quality service of a family business, and the experience and expertise of an established landscaping company.  We strive to create a work environment that fosters excellence, improvement, and the discovery and fulfillment of each of our employee's abilities.




Travis McCoy



I started my first lawn service even before I had a driver’s license. Throughout high school and college, I loved the outdoors and landscaping in particular. Even when I worked a professional job in the banking industry, I continued to pursue my interest in the outdoors in my spare time. I find a great sense of accomplishment in creating things of beauty and exceeding my customers’ expectations. Landscaping is truly the only trade I have ever loved!

As a professional, I strive to:

return all phone calls the same day

pay great attention to detail

offer exceptional landscape designs

create eye-catching layouts and hardscape designs

imitate the beauty I see in nature

I am continually looking for new trends and innovations to better serve you and make your outdoor living area more enjoyable.



Craig McCoy
Commercial Account Representative
Sales/Project Manager/Bidding & Estimating

US Army – Corps of Engineers – 1971-1974 (Overseas Active Duty)
Bachelor of Business Administration – 1978 Central State University (now UCO)
Graduate Degree – 1982 Oklahoma City University
Independent Businessman – 1979 to present
Cattleman/Horseman/Outdoorsman/Sportsman – all his life
“Raised both on a family rural cattle ranching operation and in a city environment, my dad taught me to respect nature and always to work within a balance of natural growth, while watching out for the economic impact. 
“Having participated in outdoor Farmer’s Markets and working as a food caterer and restaurateur, I understand the importance of family unity and the social impact that outdoor activities have on the development of each generation.  In keeping with the philosophy of Edmond Landscapes, I strive to listen to, guide, and assist my customers in their quest to create the ultimate outdoor living space, while keeping in mind the impact on the environment as well as the family budget and goals.”

Areas of special interest:

bulletOutdoor kitchens
bulletPatio and deck design/installation
bulletRock walls/terrace & stone stack
bulletIrrigation systems
bulletSod installation/maintenance
bulletCommercial landscape design/maintenance


Kristi J. McCoy
Corporate Secretary

Renee Poteete
Office Manager



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